HD RHom, CCH, and PhD

She holds a B.A. from Arizona State University, a diploma from the four year professional program at Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy, Minneapolis, MN and a PhD from Kingdom College. She served as a member of the research faculty at The American Medical College of Homeopathy. She is the co-founder of Free and Healthy Children International, has completed over 1000 hours in post-graduate studies, and is a published author. She also holds certification as a CEASE therapist.

Cilla has been a guest speaker in multiple countries and throughout the US. She was awarded a 2016 Activist Award by the Weston A. Price Foundation. Cilla is the producer/director of the Real Immunity documentary series about the intelligence of life and how we can overcome fear to access the resources we need to build authentic immunity. She was featured in episode 7 of “The Truth about Vaccines” and in episode 1 of “Healing from Vaccines.”

As the mother to children adopted from Russia, Taiwan and China, and one biological child, her deepest desire is to see families everywhere heal and thrive.

Watch these clips for Real Immunity to get a sneak peek of her work ❤️

Real Immunity: A Note From The Filmmaker from Whatworks, LLC on Vimeo.

RENT OR BUY HERE: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/realimmunity/227069991


Homeoprophylaxis: An Immunization Alternative

Homeoprophylaxis is a homeopathic method of immunization that has been utilized world-wide, for over 200 years. It’s so effective that certain government have even required it’s use over standard vaccination. The conventional medical system does not educate about Homeoprophylaxis, so take this opportunity to learn from the expert herself! Every person seeking disease prevention deserves to know about this immunization option.

Keynote Presentation

Cilla is passionate about empowering people to regain control of their health. When a society teaches very little about natural health options, people are left with few places to turn and limited options. They begin to feel powerless over their own health.

But the more we learn about the remarkable abilities of own bodies, the more we begin to understand new ways of supporting and achieving optimal health.  This presentation touches on many aspects of natural health, with an emphasis on understanding the immune system. Cilla’s inspirational message will leave you with the confidence to listen more carefully to your body, and your intuition. She gives you all the tools you need to start becoming your best advocate, and own doctor.

Paid admission to our conference includes a keynote speaker, your choice of THREE educational sessions, complimentary food and a swag bag!

We also have an option to attend Cilla Whatcott’s 3pm Session + the 5:00pm Keynote Presentation.