Awaken: to the Magic, Alchemy, & Miracles Possible in your 3-D World

Step into the Alchemy of your Soul’s Journey, by tapping into and Embodying your “I AM” Presence, (Divine Source Energy expressing through you, AS you) At this Event, Kim will be facilitating the Experience of a Live Holographic Activation in through the Guidance of each Participant’s I AM Frequency. Through the construct of Frequency, Sound, Play, and Alchemical Magic, Expand into what IS truly possible for you!

Through Magical, Playful “Heart Centered” Activations, facilitated through Kim’s own “I AM” Team, you will begin to deepen your Connection with your own “I AM Presence”, which is Divine Source expressing through you as you! Discover what is truly possible if you were to have a 24/7 palpable Connection, Communication, Discernment, TRUST and Awareness at a Vibratory level in your 3-D World!

Event is facilitated to the Consciousness of who participates!

Kim Marie Christine Regnitz is an Internationally known, Holographic, Multidimensional, Vibrational Intuitive and Transformational Coach/Facilitator with over 30+ years’ of experience. Through her “I AM” Alchemy Team, she has the ability of Accessing the Quantum Field, working at the Informational Levels, Holographically, in assisting you to shift obsolete patterns that are no longer congruent with your Soul Vibration!  

These may be Generational, Ancestral, and/or other Multidimensional timelines (‘past/future or parallel’ lives etc.) When these core limiting patterns of Light, Information are freed, you may begin to resonate and experience more Joy, Abundance, Harmony and Empowerment in your Life!

As Kim works Multidimensionally through the “I AM” Frequency, in a Heart Centered, playful, unconventional way, through the Guidance of her I AM Alchemy Team Collective, consisting of Ascended Masters, Archangels, Galactic Beings, Star Nations, Crystallines, Interdimensionals, (dolphins and Dragons), Ancient Ones, Elementals) etc, you may notice a deeper Alignment and Connection with your own I AM Presence as your Vibrational Frequency rises! As  Kim channels the “Language of Light” through Voice and Sound tones, Sacred Geometry/Symbols and Color Frequency Key codes, you may experience a BIG shift in your Life as it applies to your 3-D world and the bridge to your 5D(and above) Soul Mission!

As Above so Below as Within, so without…Are you ready to tap into what is Magically possible for you?

Paid admission to our conference includes a keynote speaker, your choice of THREE educational sessions, complimentary food and a swag bag!