Natural Medicine Cabinet: Must Haves for Home Remedies

In this session you will learn all about the power of plants and some great tips and tricks for how to utilize them for all things health. In today’s world where there seems to be a pill for everything, do we really know what the side effects are and how damaging they can be? Nature truly has provided the answers and it’s time to revive our knowledge of it. Come and let Laura show you how simple it can be to make the switch and support your’s and your family’s health.
Laura Lee Lotto is a health and wellness coach, essential oils educator and public speaker.  Her many years of health struggles have provided her with an unending drive to continue to find ways to support and heal her own body through natural means.  She has taken the knowledge she has learned first hand as well has her insatiable appetite for learning and now helps guide her clients to find the right path for them.  Her husband of 17 years Phillip and 3 children Elliott, Gertie and Gwenivere are a huge support to her and have also provided many health challenges for her to tackle.  Laura Lee has many passions beyond health including her small organic farm where they raise goats, donkeys, chickens, ducks, dogs and cats as well as tend to a large vegetable garden and many fruit trees and bushes.  When Laura is not homeschooling her children or tending to her health business, she is also the founder and COO of Roots Revival Education & Jam Fest, a yearly festival held on their property to promote natural health and wellness as well showcasing music and the arts.  You may find out more about Laura Lee at her website or or watch her videos on YouTube.