The Hype about Hemp: Understanding the Benefits and Dispelling the Myths

What is Hemp Oil? How does it work?  Why should I use it? How do I pick the best oil? What is the difference between Hemp and CBD?
Learn all about hemp oil’s life-changing benefits known to help joint health, pain, stress & anxiety, gut and brain health, sleep and so much more.
Nicole James, The Quantum Nutritionist, is a certified functional medicine practitioner, certified nutritional consultant, speaker, mentor, and business coach. Nicole opened her first functional medicine clinic in 2012. For many years when Nicole started practicing functional medicine she was focused
primarily on the body from a mainly physical point of view, that is the body is a mechanical determined machine and the underlying cause of
disease lies in mainly discovering the biochemical, genetic, nutritional, or pathogenic imbalance in the systems of the body.
Through extensive research and study of ancient modalities of healing such as traditional Chinese medicine and Amazonian shamanic healing, along with the latest research of quantum physics and the bio-photonic field she realized how powerful the mind and the energy field is, the dramatic effects it can have the body in creating wellness or illness, and how many answers lie in the healing plants of mother earth.
Through the integration of advanced laboratory testing, modern energy medicine, and ancient science she creates customized protocols and
formulations of nutraceutical supplements and herbal medicine giving her clients exactly what their body, mind, and spirit needs to heal.

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